Artisan room

The Artisan Room

The Ice Cream Farm is getting creative with the launch of our exciting and inspirational ‘Artisan Room’. We wanted to highlight the passion and creativity that goes into producing our ice cream, whilst creating the perfect ‘ice cream making experience’ for our visitors.

Artisan room mixing ice creamArtisan room ice creamThe Artisan Room will demonstrate the art of ice cream production in full view of our Ice Cream Farm visitors, behind a fully glazed viewing area.

The production technique uses a mechanical system first created in 1927 by an ingenious Italian manufacturer called Otello Cattabriga.

It uses an automatic process that copied the same system typically used when making ice cream by hand, allowing you to create a diverse mix of ice cream flavours with ease.

This was a truly revolutionary idea, making Otello famous worldwide when the Artisan ice cream machines took on the inventors name ‘Cattabriga’.

This unique experience allows our guests to get involved and see the skill and innovation of ice cream production first hand. If you fancy yourself as a bit of a connoisseur, the Artisan Room can be pre-booked to give visitors the opportunity to get stuck in and help create your own ice cream using authentic fruit ‘arabeschi’ ripples, flavourings, toppings and inclusions.

Booking is essential for The Artisan room, so for further information please call: 07570 774491 or email
(Minimum £40 to book)