Artisan room

The Artisan Room

Step into a world of ice cream and create your very own flavour to take home!

Whether it is with friends, family or a team building exercise with work colleagues, The Artisan Room offers an ice cream making experience that is available for hire throughout the year.

Artisan room mixing ice creamArtisan room ice creamLocated at the heart of our Ice Cream Farm tourist attraction, The Artisan Room allows you to create your own unique flavour using a Cheshire Farm Ice Cream base mix. By adding your choice of authentic ‘Arabeschi’ fruit ripples and inclusions, with everything from choc chip to marshmallows, you can let your imagination run wild.

The production technique used in our Artisan Room differs slightly from that of our main ice cream production, using a mechanical system first created in 1927 by an ingenious Italian manufacture called Otello Cattabriga. This ice cream making machine uses an automatic process that copies the technique of making ice cream by hand, allowing you to create a diverse mix of ice cream flavours with ease.

The process begins with the Cheshire Farm ice cream mix being poured into the top of the machine. As it churns, you can watch the ice cream freezing process as it happens. With step-by-step guidance from our fully trained staff, you can then customise it with your chosen ripples and inclusions.

Once placed in our specially designed tubs, your creation will then be blast frozen for the journey home.


Max 6 people at a time, approx 10 mins per tub (Tub size – 750ml)
1 tub – £10
2 tubs – £15
3 tubs – £20
Any additional tubs will be an extra £7.50 per tub

Booking is essential for The Artisan Room, for further information please call: 07570774491 or email
(Minimum £40 to book)