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Crazy Daisy’s New Fun Factory

Have you explored Crazy Daisy’s new Fun Factory yet?

As the first stage of our exciting redevelopment is unveiled, The Ice Cream Farm has been flooded with children and parents alike, wanting to explore and experience the exciting changes at Crazy Daisy’s Fun Factory.

With a freezer room, complete with hanging icicles and giant fans, a ball firing ball pit and new toddler areas with sensory play for babies, there’s fun for all. The playbarn is now totally open plan so parents and children can access all areas. Check out these photos of the brand spanking new Fun Factory:

photo 2[1] photo 3 photo 3[1] photo 4 photo 4[1] photo 5

Click here for pricing and more information.

Whilst the redevelopment continues, The Ice Cream Farm will remain open with our ice-cream parlour offering our award winning array of flavours, The Loft which is ideal for your older children thanks to its cool and laid back vibe, as well as our Adventure Trail. With the latter forming part of our famous quad bike track, mini golf, panning for gold and play equipment – why go anywhere else for a family day out?

Young boy celebrates National holiday, every day during 2015


The Ice Cream Farm helped make one special child’s wish a reality, as they helped him complete his challenge of celebrating a national holiday, every day throughout 2015.

Luke Chapman, an 8 year old boy from Stockport, was born with complex heart defects. Having his first open heart surgery at just 2 weeks old, Luke has battled against his illness since day one. At six months old, he had his second major heart operation and thankfully good news followed – his heart was strong enough to allow him to grow into a strong and confident boy.

When Luke began to get a little stronger, ‘When You Wish Upon a Star’ granted him a special wish to meet Buzz Lightyear. In return, the young boy is now making it his mission to celebrate a national holiday every day during 2015 in order to raise money for When You Wish Upon A Star. To support his mission, Saturday 7th February saw Luke and his Mum being treated to pancakes and their choice of ice-cream at The Ice Cream Farm for Eat Ice Cream for Breakfast Day.

‘Chocolate Ice Cream Day’ (7th June) will allow Luke to stay at home with his family to enjoy a tub of chocolate Cheshire Farm Ice Cream and with Ice Cream Sandwiches recently added to the ever expanding menu, they are the perfect excuse to indulge on 2nd August for ‘Ice Cream Sandwich Day’, before completing the ice-cream holidays of 2015 with big effect. To celebrate ‘Ice Cream Cone Day’ on 22nd September, The Ice Cream Farm will donate 50% of all ice-cream cone takings to Luke’s chosen charity, When You Wish Upon A Star.

Good luck Luke!

Wake Up and Smell the Coffee… With Our Delicious Mocha Coffee Bean Flavour Ice Cream!

Our ice cream of the week this week is our invigorating Mocha Coffee Bean flavour.  Luxuriously creamy mocha coffee ice cream is mixed with delicious chocolate coffee beans.  It really is the ultimate pick me up!

If you really want to get creative why not try this delicious recipe for Ice Cream Cookie Sandwiches?


  • 280g light soft brown sugar
  • 225g granulated sugar
  • 250g butter
  • 2 large eggs
  • 1 tbsp vanilla extract
  • 450g plain flour
  • 2 tsp baking powder
  • 300g good-quality milk chocolate, chopped into chunks
  • Cheshire Farm Mocha Coffee Bean Ice Cream


  • Begin by mixing the sugars and butter in a large bowl until the mixture looks smooth and creamy.
  • Next, carefully break in the eggs, mixing well in between and mix in the vanilla extract.
  • Then stir through the chocolate pieces before using your hands to squeeze the dough together in a ball and then break into two even pieces.  Then put these on a sheet of cling film.
  • Roll each piece of dough in the cling film so 3 they form thick sausages, then seal the ends.  Put these into the fridge for at least three hours, or overnight.
  • After chilling, heat the oven to 180C/ 160C fan/ Gas Mark 4.  Then take the dough rolls out of the fridge and unwrap the cling film and use a small knife to slice each one into 12 pieces so that there are 24 in total.
  • Place these slices on a baking tray lined with baking parchment and bake for 20 minutes until golden brown, but still pale in the centre.
  • Allow to cool slightly before lifting them onto a wire rack to cool completely. 
  • You can then scoop your Mocha Coffee Bean flavour ice cream onto half the cookies and place the other half on top.
  • Voila! You have 12 delicious ice cream sandwiches!

(Recipe courtesy of BBC Good Food)


Crazy Daisy’s Holiday

Crazy Daisy is off on holiday! She’s packed her passport, remembered her suncream and double checked she’s got her toothbrush, and has headed off for a short vacation. Whilst she’s away, her Play Barn will be closed so that it can have a good Spring clean and revamp, with exciting new equipment, in time for Daisy’s return. It will be closed between 19th January until 31st January but rest assured that it will definitely be worth the wait!

Do not fear, as the rest of the farm will remain open. Pop down to The Ice Cream Farm and play in The Loft, or have a go on our £1 quad bikes. Alternatively, make your way through our extensive range of ice-cream flavours in our parlour and find your favourite. This week’s flavour of the week is….Honeycomb!

Crazy Daisy’s makeover forms part of our new development that is going on at the farm, which is set to launch in July 2015. The Ice Cream Farm will remain open throughout, and stay tuned to our website and social media channels for updates all the way through the renovation.

We hope you don’t miss Crazy Daisy too much whilst she’s away, but there is plenty of fun to be had at the Farm in her absence. Come down and say hello! We’d love to meet you.


Get Christmassy with The Ice Cream Farm.

Here at The Ice Cream Farm, we are getting in the Christmas spirit and are providing you with the best family activities.

Back due to popular demand is Father Christmas! The big man himself will be making an appearance at The Ice Cream Farm on the 19th, 20th and 21st December, between 10am-4pm, so your little ones can tell him what they’d like for Christmas. Ensure you come down early, as this is always a popular event.

Father Christmas

On the weekends in the run up to Christmas, we will be running an Arts and Crafts room where your children can choose one of three tables and have the chance to make their very own baubles, Christmas decorations or Christmas cards. Alternatively, they can opt to do all three!

For your child to take part in one activity, it will cost £2, whereas all three activities will cost £5. While you’re in the mood for some festive fun, why don’t you pop into the parlour and try our famous Christmas flavours? This year we have Christmas Pudding, Sugar Damson and Prosecco.

Also new to the menu are our scrumptious Hot Pancakes with Ice Cream, Ice Cream Brioche Buns and Ice Cream Cakes. Pair your pancakes with our newest Chocolate Rocky Road Ice Cream, created and lovingly made by our very own staff members, Sheena and Kate.

Arts and crafts, Father Christmas and an ice-cream filled, family day out! What’s not to love about The Ice Cream Farm?

Share your adventures by using #TheIceCreamFarm.

10 ways to get ready for Christmas

It’s December, which means that it is officially the start of Christmas.


People up and down the country have gone into panic mode about the amount of preparation that they need to do before the 25th December arrives. Fear not, here at The Ice Cream Farm, we are on hand to offer you some guidance with our 10 ways to get ready for Christmas.

1. Open your advent calendar daily.

There is something magical about a little taste of chocolate every morning with your breakfast. Open your advent calendar daily for a little Christmassy magic for 24 days in the lead up to the big day.

2. Put your Christmas tree up.

An integral part of Christmas is ensuring that your Christmas tree is up and well dressed. Bring out the tinsel, switch on the lights and add an excessive amount of baubles, because the time for all things sparkly and metallic has arrived!

3. Go to the kid’s nativity play. 

Making the children’s nativity play costumes out of household items is a must-do for a successful Christmas. We all remember what it was like when our parents dressed us in a tea-towel and sent us off to the stage to make our debut as a shepherd. It’s only fair that we pass the tradition on to the newest generation.

4. Drink mulled wine. 

Serve steaming hot and with orange peels for a truly festive delight. Why not invite the neighbours in to share winter tales over a glass or two? Put the log fire on, and you’ll be the top of everyone’s Christmas card list!

5. Eat Cheshire Farm Ice Cream’s Christmas flavours – Sugar Damson, Christmas Pudding and Prosecco.

Number five goes without saying, as no Christmas is complete without a scoop of Cheshire Farm’s famous Christmas ice-cream flavours. Opt for the Prosecco flavour, to add a touch of class to proceedings, whilst our traditional Christmas Pudding will finish off the dessert perfectly. Our Sugar Damson has been a year-old favourite, and will never fail to disappoint. Made with the same recipe as our award winning all year round flavours, our Christmas choices are ones not to be missed!

6. Wrap your presents early. 

Get the boring wrapping done and dusted early. That way, come Christmas Eve, you can sit down with a steaming hot glass of mulled wine, in front of the log fire, and watch a Christmas film. Alternatively, you can see in Christmas in style, without being worried about wrapping presents at 1am after a Christmas Eve night out.

7. Wear a garish Christmas jumper.

The more garish, the better. Jumpers that have Christmas lights, pom poms, 3D scarves and heinous patterns are all acceptable come the 1st December. A highlight of the season is the annual National Christmas Jumper Day which will take place on 11th December.

8. Visit Cheshire Farm Ice Cream at Chester Christmas Market.

We are down at Chester Christmas Market until the 14th December. Come down and say hello, whilst we serve up a delicious helping of Cheshire Farm Ice Cream. Alternatively, opt for our Frozen Hot Chocolates, Ice Cream Cupcakes or Ice Cream Burgers – all equally scrumptious!

9. Order your turkey. 

Get your order in at the butchers early to ensure that you are not disappointed. However many people you must cater for this Christmas, turkey’s come in all sizes and are a Christmas must-have come dinner time. And remember to use the left-overs for those wonderful turkey and cranberry sandwiches!

10. Enter Cheshire Farm Ice Cream’s competition to win your Christmas Day dessert!

Christmas is not complete unless you have a magnificent Christmas Day dessert, which is  why we are taking the stress out of this task for you, by offering you the chance to win your dessert, courtesy of Cheshire Farm Ice Cream. Simply head over to our Facebook page, and click on the Giveaway tab for more information!

Week 1 Round Up: Chester Christmas Market

Cheshire Farm Ice Cream have been down at the Chester Christmas for a whole week already, and how time has flown. It’s been great seeing so many of you coming to try our award-winning ice-cream, our new festive treats, and signing up to our Christmas competition (if you haven’t done so already, check out our Facebook page!).

We can’t wait to keep introducing you to our Christmass-y products, especially our Christmas Market exclusive Frozen Hot Chocolates, and our newest addition, Ice Cream Burgers! You all seem to have particularly liked our ice-cream cakes too. Whatever takes your fancy, we can cater for your ice-cream needs, down at Chester Christmas Market.  Hey, if it’s good enough for the Mayor, it’s good enough for us!IMG_0613 IMG_0615 IMG_0616IMG_0617 20141120_111740 20141120_111200 20141120_111142 20141120_111132

Win your Christmas Day Dessert!

Cheshire Farm Ice Cream is delighted to offer you the chance to Win your Christmas Day Dessert! Our chilly delights come in an whole range of ways, from our Ice Cream Cakes for a nod to the traditional Christmas cake to famous ice-cream flavours which are sure to please every member of the family. Whatever you and your clan love, we can help.

To enter, simply come down and see us at Chester Christmas Market where we will take your details to be entered into our Prize Draw. Alternatively, enter via Rafflecopter which can be found on our Facebook page (and here). All you need to do is follow us on Twitter and Instagram and like us on Facebook for a chance to win!

Good luck! Competition

Chester Christmas Market

It’s officially Christmas time and we are starting the celebrations on Thursday 17th November by setting up camp for three weeks at Chester Christmas Market.

As always, Chester Christmas Market is free and promises an enchanting time to really get you in the mood for the festive season. Boasting over 70 traditional wooden chalets, including Cheshire Farm Ice Cream, it really is a enjoyable day out for all.

We will be at Chester Christmas Market, based outside Chester Town Hall everyday from 10am-6pm and will be bringing you a range of Cheshire Farm Ice Cream delights! On the menu at the market this year are our traditional ice-creams with two Christmas specials, our new ice-cream cupcakes and our incredibly popular Dip Bars. You’ll be spoilt for ice-cream choice.

Proving that fun can be had for all the family, this year the market offers a Kid’s Activity Zone at the weekends, when the opening will coincide with the magical Christmas Light Parade on 20th November.

We will be announcing an exciting competition towards the end of the week, so make sure that you are following us across our social media channels to stay up to date with everything that is happening at The Ice Cream Farm!



We have launched another way to enjoy our delicious ice cream at The Farm in the form of our delectable Dip Bars…



Join us for a selection of handmade delights as scrumptious Cheshire Farm ice cream is coated in White, Dark or Milk Chocolate, Cherry, Pistachio or Candy Floss flavours.  They are completed with finishing touches such as drizzled chocolate, white chocolate drops and candied stars.

Also, in honour of the fruitfulness of Autumn, a specially created Toffee Apple dip bar is no trick and the perfect treat to celebrate the season!

We have not forgotten the little ones either… After running around the play barn they can reenergise with a choice of homemade milk lollies handpicked by Crazy Daisy herself!

Keep your eyes peeled for another exciting venture from Cheshire Farm Ice Cream coming soon. We’ll give you a clue… it’s a great way to celebrate a birthday or special occasion!